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She appears to only consider one triplicity lord for the matters of sign rejoicing and rulership. Namely, she uses the first triplicity lord that of the sect. Do the other two triplicity lords matter? Triplicity is one of the most misunderstood and neglected types of rulership in traditional astrology.

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In the lesson on the signs , I introduced the triplicity lords. Please first familiarize yourself with the triplicity lords by way of that lesson.

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The triplicity lords are three planets which rule over a given triangle of three signs, or a given element fire, earth, air, water. There is a day ruler, a night ruler, and a participating ruler. The ruler of the sect is considered the main and initial influence. The triplicity rulers were often used in timing such that the ruler of sect showed support in the first period.

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That of the other sect showed support in the second period. Thus, there is an order to the triplicity lords, starting with the lord of sect. Demetra noted the use of multiple triplicity lords for timing techniques. However, she emphasized only the triplicity lord of sect for assessing planetary condition.

In this view, there is a planet that is THE triplicity lord. The other two lords are marginal, only to be used in certain techniques.

Triplicity rulership is indicative of support, particularly reflective of relatives. For instance, a strong triplicity ruler can indicate significant support to what a planet or house indicates, and can make up for its deficiencies. Triplicity is strongly associated with sect. Sect day or night is another significant factor that pertained to a relationship of affinity and support. I have explored the meaning of sign sect and its overlap with triplicity in the article on the sect and sex of the signs.

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Please refer to that article for information on that relationship. As I noted in an early article on the subject, triplicity was originally associated with the directions of winds, rather than of the elements.

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Demetra, following Robert Schmidt, noted that this sense of triplicity as winds works nicely as a metaphor for support. A planet in its own triplicity has the wind at its back, and triplicity lords are like productive winds helping to move things forward. These lords were strongly emphasized in the work of Dorotheus and Valens, two pivotal early Hellenistic astrologers. Would these men have considered Venus in Capricorn to be in triplicity by night?

Also would they have considered Venus to be a significant triplicity lord in terms of support of Capricorn by night? After all, the Moon is the nocturnal lord of Earth by night, and Venus is the diurnal one. Is the diurnal lord significant in a nocturnal chart? There are many high quality English translations of Hellenistic texts available. Secondary sources are primarily useful as gateways to aid in approaching primary sources and for critical practical evaluation and comparison.

I try to encourage the exploration of primary source material as much as possible. This introduction includes a discussion of the meaning of triplicity beginning at page The native was born at night Sun in 2nd house , Night-ruled. This person is nocturnal. The Night-ruler of the Capricorn Sun is the Moon. The general nature of this native is Moon-oriented emotional, moody, feeling, nurturing.

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The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Moon in 11th as 6th- In the last third of her life she will relax as a mother figure Moon who served, healed 6th through social awareness, humanitarian efforts, world broadcasting 11th. No comments. Posted by Tameca. Newer Post Previous post. Older Post Newer post. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries. This might indicate that he does not realize how he is being perceived when he is communicating or debating. The angular houses from the Lot of Fortune would be Gore's 9th, 12th, 3rd and 6th. The only planet in any of these house is the Moon in Capricorn in the 6th.

The tenth from Fortune is considered to be an important place, contributing to the person's reputation through tuche luck or fortune. This gives added emphasis to the Moon in this role for Gore. Gore's Lot of Exaltation is located at 12 Leo in the first house conjunct Pluto. Valens says to examine the sign the Lot of Exaltation falls in and the ruler.


The nature of Leo and its ruler the Sun in Aries in the 9th, need to be considered. Leo and the planets in it indicate of the kind of "material" Gore has that fuels his desires and drives for success.. The Sun in Aries in the 9th points to the forms of success that Al Gore is likely to experience. The trine aspect between Leo and Aries is helpful. The final result of this success would be symbolized by his Mars in Leo. The Lot of Spirit is important to consider when looking at the eminence of an individual because the lot and its ruler give information regarding the soul and intellect; actions through discourse and through giving and receiving.

It is calculated by reversing the Lot of Fortune formula. According to Valens, even though Mars is not in the house of the Lot of Fortune or in the tenth house from Fortune, Mars in an angular house is one indication that he will be effective and but estimable only to a certain extent. The Acquisitive Place is the 11th sign from the Lot of Fortune. Valens wrote that this place can be the bestower of belongings and goods for a person.